'Oops I killed you' -- belated open thread


Good post from the Poor Man Institute about the latest civilian casualties in Afghanistan:

 Objections tend to be consequentialist (if I am using that $5 word correctly) – killing civilians tends to make those civilians’ friends and relations not like us very much, impeding efforts which require their cooperation.  Or may even inspire failed attempts to terrorize someone.  Hence: bad.  All of which may be true, and understandable.  While I, in my telescopic benevolence, am a bit peeved when foreign civilians are blown up, my peevishness is tempered by the understanding that it’s all a big oopsie and everyone is certainly very sorry for any inconvenience; on the other hand, I can imagine that the people scraping the charred residue of their loved ones off the rocks might not take such a generous view.  It’s a bad way to make friends.

Read the whole thing -- sorry for the delays today. Our Baghdad-like electrical grid struck again!