On fire today: Philadelphia's schools...and the DN editorial board!

Outsouring my outrage over the Philadelphia schools to the award-winning (and soon to be again, I'm predicting) Daily News editorial board:

In other words, the city's school system is in flames, and the firemen are arguing about which bucket of water to use to put it out. The question is, by the time they get around to deciding, what will be left still standing?

Superintendent Hite - who may have the worst job in the history of the city - is playing a tense game of piecemeal planning, to figure out what he can offer the 150,000 students and their families to constitute a school system. The district has devised a complicated choreography of moves depending on what money it gets, and by when.

So, rather than building a a program of academic excellence, District officials are forced to cobble together a piecemeal, ever-changing system with a new standard: adequacy.

Really? That's the best we can offer the children of this city? An adequate education? Parents who aren't content with that should call their City Council member and demand action.

You should also call this guy.

Blogger's note: In honor of Jeff Bezos, I'm tied up on newspaper stuff today and blogging will be lighter and lamer than usual.