Occupy yourselves!

Since I'm apparently on the Penn State beat for life, Occupy yourselves with another book on Occupy Wall Street. Mt friend Greg Mitchell has owned this story for more than a month now with his daily blog on The Nation, and now he's put it all down in an interactive e-book, "40 Days That Shook the World," perfect for those of you racing out to buy the Kindle Fire.

For weeks, Mitchell, author of a dozen previous books, has written the popular OccupyUSA live-blog at The Nation magazine’s site. No one has followed the movement more closely on an almost hour-by-hour basis. Now, in the new book, he presents a “living” history, a day-by-day chronology of the movement from October 1, 2011 to November 9, 2011, available only as an e-book. He calls it a living history because it contains more than a thousand clickable links to most of the key documents, articles, videos, and speeches that have emerged from the early weeks of the movement.

Another friend who writes for The Nation -- Dave Zirin, the best damn liberal sportswriter around, has an excellent take on Paterno. Read it.