Obama's death panel holds first meeting

I guess I'm going to have to apologize to Sarah Palin, or something:

The U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services says she doesn’t want to intervene in transplant decisions about a dying Pennsylvania girl when other children are just as sick.

Kathleen Sebelius says medical experts should make those decisions.

But relatives of 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan say they want the policy changed for all children awaiting a lung transplant, not just Sarah.

Sarah’s aunt Sharon Ruddock says older children should be eligible for adult lungs because so few pediatric lungs are available.

This just sickens me in so many ways. This is a country that has an unlimited budget for tanks, drones, etc., but that can't lift a finger to help a dying 10-year-old girl and a handful of other children in a life-or-death situation? Does that sound like the most powerful nation on earth to you?