OMG, are we becoming Red Sox Nation South?

(Photo from The 700 Level.)

Phillies' fans were talking about three things this weekend, and not necessarily in this order: 1) What to do -- sigh -- about Brad Lidge 2) How cool was it to take 2 of 3 from the Yankees in their new obscenely overpriced house and 3) How cooler was it that New Yankee Stadium was larded with a red sea of Phillies' fans for all three games. (Including both the real and the fake John Mayberry Sr.) How did this happen? Do you know many Philadelphians who can even afford what they charge for tickets up there in the Bronx? Because most New Yorkers apparently can't.

Of course, everyone on sports radio, etc., is talking about how great it is to see Philly "represent" in ballparks around the country now that they're WFCs, but I'm a little concerned about one thing. It just reminds me all too much of that omnipresent, obnoxious Red Sox Nation, which was kind of a cool phenomenon when they were slaying the evil Yankees but really jumped the shark bigtime, a couple of years ago, to the point where even some longtime Red Sox fans got kind of sick of it.

We don't need no stinkin' nation. We've got Philly...and that's plenty.