Now we know why Nelson Mandela was on that terror watch list

We can't let this kind of talk inside the United States:

QUNU, South Africa — Nelson Mandela celebrated his 90th birthday Friday by calling on the wealthy to share with the poor and wishing that he had been able to spend more time with his family during the long anti-apartheid struggle.

In an interview at his home in rural southeastern South Africa, the icon was asked if he had a message for the world.

"There are many people in South Africa who are rich and who can share those riches with those not so fortunate who have not been able to conquer poverty," Mandela said.

At least Mandela is off the terror watch list, thanks to legislation. What about 400,000 other people -- some of whom are your law-abiding neighbors or relatives, or you -- still on that list? Frankly, I don't understand what the Democrats and Obama don't make more hay about this -- it's a civil rights issue that outrages most people, and can't easily be demagogued like Gitmo and some of the others.