Now the recession is REALLY hurting America

GM laying off thousands of people is one thing, but have you checked out the portions at Applebee's lately! (Page 3)

"Applebees has mini bacon cheeseburgers as an appetizer. They always served 4 burgers. Now they've serve 3 burgers, but the price remains the same. Their excuse is "Now we're using fresh meat." This makes me question the quality of the meat they were serving before!?!?! Honestly, the burgers tasted better with the less than fresh meat and I got more of it. This is an obvious attempt to cheat the customer."

And it's not just Applebee's (Page 2)!

"I love going to Ruby Tuesday for their steak meals. I always ask for A1 Steak Sauce. Up until recently, I was given a bottle of A1. The past few times, they bring you out a little "bowl" with about 1 tablespoon of A1. That is not always enough!"

At least they provided knives, which one AOL commenter alleges, they stopped doing automatically at P.F. Chang' save money. (Huh?) I can't really complain about the article -- one of those annoying headlines on your computer log-in page that you end up clicking on -- or sentiments, for that matter. Maybe, as we (and when I say "we" I usually mean "I," since I'm typically talking to myself here) have been talking a lot about journalism, this shows how newsrooms don't devote enough newsprint or electrons to the things Americans are really passionate about, which is how many mini bacon cheeseburgers show up on your plate at Applebee's. And this might be a better way of tracking the economy than the Dow.

Wait until David Brooks hears that they killed the salad bar at Applebee's.