Now would be a good time to start that 3rd political party you've always been talking about

Maybe the Bull Moose Party will come back and re-take Congress in 2014. I seriously wonder where voters are going to go if we have another 12 months like this last one.

The Republican brand name is in the toilet and is probably going to be there for some time. The party recently posted the lowest approval rating in history, and it's not hard to understand why. The GOP's obstructionism, its use of budget blackmail, its know-nothingness, its wars on women and immigrants, its anti-science denialism, has made it a country for old men, with no appeal to a new generation of voters.

So the Democrats -- after winning the presidential popular vote in five of the last six elections -- were poised for a big 2014 breakout, which they're fumbling away with their nightmarish Nightmare on Main Street Halloween season rollout of Obamacare as well as their continuation of Bush-Cheney policies like spying on anyone and everyone. On Obamacare, the only that's more unconscionable than the incompetence we've seen from a 5th-year administration is the lack of openness and clarity on how the plan would be implemented.

Make no mistake, there's plenty of blame to go around -- none more than the news media, which has written ad nauseum on every political utterance on Obamacare but had zero interest in writing about what Obamacare actually does or doesn't do until it was already here. And nobody could have predicted (seriously) the obstructionism of both GOP Congress members who won't dare fund or amend the plan to fix any flaws and GOP governors who'd rather appeal to Tea Party primary voters than allow access to a program that would offer health care to the working poor and keep some of them alive.

But the extent that a voter has a bad experience with Obamacare, he or she will want to punish the Democrats. But he or she can't easily do that, since the alternative is the Know-Nothing Party.

My advice: Start buying Bull Moose shares on Intrade.