Nomar: Missing the big picture

It's the slowest sports day we've seen in Philly for a while -- so slow that the only new story really percolating is a rumor that the Phillies might sign one-time All-Star Nomar Garciaparra to help its suddenly struggling and depleted bench. It probably won't happen, and I was surprised to see on that fan reaction to the move is fairly negative.

Yes, the injury-riddled Nomar has struggled the last few years, but for mission at hand we're not comparing him to the Nomar of old, but to Eric Bruntlett. Think about it. Beyond that, the notion of Nomar and Pedro finally playing together in a World Series, in Phillies' red, is a bizarre one to comtemplate. And Garciaparra is a class act -- he even saved two drowning women once! But the really big picture that the fans are missing is that the arrival of Garciaparra, a.k.a., Mr. Mia Hamm, in a town that's already kept Heather Mitts close at hand during her relationship with A.J. Feeley, would make Philly the Soccer Babe Magnet of the World.

And that would be priceless.