No blood in ants

Meet the future of American journalism:

Among her subjects: Justin Bieber, "Dancing With the Stars," Taylor Swift and Disney Land. She posts as many as 30 articles in a single day, and sometimes as few as three, though she said she doesn't spend more than seven hours a day writing, five days a week.

That means that on her most productive days, assuming she doesn't break for lunch or go to the bathroom, Jodi Jill is writing a story every 14 minutes. To write 30 stories in seven hours, you need to be really, really good...or really, really bad.

Meanwhile, Attytood has learned that media critic Jon Friendman has never been to Philadelphia:

Comcast is a highly successful, rather conservatively run organization. It particularly stands out in the clamorous New York-centric media universe, where controversies and scandals sometimes seem to be a way of life.

That is not the standard operating procedure in Philadelphia, Comcast’s home city.

Good point -- I can't think off the top of my head of anything that's ever been scandalous or controversial here in the City of Brotherly Love. Actually, there is a good point here, which is that the politics of Comcast as relates to NBC?MSNBC bears watching -- just not for the reasons stated here.

Meanwhile, here's some potentially real news about the future of journalism in Philadelphia. It's not scandalous at all and not too controversial.