No blood in ants -- the chainsaw massacre edition

So apparently A-Ack is not a big fan of this picture (um, OK, it's a PhotoShop) of her, so that means you can expect to see it A LOT here at Attytood over the coming days. (In fairness, it should have showed Corbett gassing the thing up.) Anyway, the funny part is that it inspired this heated and awesome exchange on Twitter between the PSD's tweeters (did you know they had these -- on your tax dime?) and the Daily News. To paraphrase Michelle Obama, never before have I been so proud of my newspaper.

Speaking of wasted tax dollars, the school district -- which apparently didn't have enough to do in the educating-kids department today -- also went out and filmed this video. Unbelievable. At least no one's had the cops sicced on them...yet.