Nailed it!

As you may recall, Attytood wasn't thrilled a couple of weeks ago with the tone of an editorial calling for Occupy Philadelphia to leave Dilworth Plaza. Not that the much-discussed day is finally here and gone, the DN comes back with its thoughts on what it all meant and where to go from here. And this time it's a home run -- I could not have said it better myself. Here's an excerpt:

The Occupy Wall Street movement, sparked by the Canadian based AdBusters magazine, was formed to protest income inequality and corporate influence on government. The movement drew criticism for being "message-less" and "vague" and we agree that clear messages like "take your money out of banks contributing to the economic meltdown" somehow got lost in the Twitterscape. But for the past month, the tentscape in Dilworth was hard to ignore, and there is no doubt the movement sparked conversations about the First Amendment, and even more conversations where the phrase "income inequality" was front and center.

Frankly, for the past three years, as the country has reeled from economic losses and shattered lives, we have all needed reminders that we should be outraged at those responsible for the misery.

Now, what?

The good news is that we're already seeing the roots of Phase II -- fighting foreclosures, homeless outreach, and more. In the context of the anti-Vietnam War movement, were not even up to 1966 yet. Prediction: At next year's political conventions, a good time will be had by all. And just like 1968, I predict the rowdiest one will be the Democratic one.