My governor went all the way to Rome and all he got was 6 minutes with the Pope

Pope Francis has devoted his life to work that will uplift the poor people of the world. Apparently spending a lot of time with Pennsylvania's Gov. Corbett didn't fit into that mission. The Holy Father put the holy kibosh on the notion of a lengthy private meeting with Corbett (also Mayor Nutter...zzzzz), but he did give them six minutes of public face time, barely enough for Nutter to give him a Philadelphia Wings jersey, or whatever those were.

I mock -- but honestly the whole trip was probably worthwhile. I'm not sure how many people have noticed, but here at home Corbett's policies gave been more humanitarian than usual lately -- especially good work by his administration to save food stamp benefits, and a slightly kinder and gentler health care plan. Was the governor on good behavior before his encounter with the pontiff? Maybe, or maybe going into an election with record high disapproval numbers he finally realized that good government is also good politics.

And at least Corbett got to experience this week what it's felt like for middle-class Pennsylvanians these last 39 months -- to have someone with power barely notice that you're here.