Much ado about nothing

This is exactly what I was telling you people (as Ross Perot might say) a while back:

LONDON - Scientists at a leading British climate research centre had a culture of withholding information from global warming sceptics but did not deliberately manipulate data to support their case, lawmakers said on Tuesday.

In the first official report into the theft of emails from the unit last year, a British parliamentary committee said the messages did not contradict the mainstream scientific view that man-made emissions have contributed to rising temperatures.

It's a shame -- professionals need to be more transparent and less secretive; I've criticized my own field of journalism for this many times. Because of that poor judgment, they've allowed a Big Lie about climate change to take root, and the effects -- because I guarantee you the United States will never take substantive action on this issue -- could be catastrophic. I probably won't live long enough to find out, but our children probably will.

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