Not 'quivering like jelly'

Finally, a politician who's not afraid. God bless Rep. Anthony Weiner, Democrat of New York:

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) said today that the U.S. needs to stop acting like trying terror suspects is "such an intimidating thing for Americans. We're a strong confident country. We can have trials of bad guys and not be quivering like jelly when we do it."

I thought this exchange with "rising star: Meghan Kelly of FNC was particularly telling:

Weiner began by pointing out that foreign dignitaries visit New York City all the time without causing the city to shut down, and that "when the president comes here you know what we shut down? One block."

Kelly incredulously asked "You don't see any difference between that and somebody like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?"

Weiner shot back: "Right, no I do. I think with the president," we should have "a much bigger security package."

Fear breeds irrationality. In this case, people -- Fox News people, for example -- are convinced that al-Qaeda has some elaborate plot to free KSM (i.e., they've been watching too many Bruce Willis movies)...but that it would never occur to terrorists to assassinate the president of the United States? Pardon my acronym, but...WTF? The right-wing jelly-quivererss have no idea what specifically they're afraid of, just that they're afraid. Sad, really.