Missing Phil

A couple of times there've been news stories about a reunion of every living American president -- but this is a first: A reunion of every living "American president" -- plus two deceased ones! I reckon everyone on the planet has probably seen the Funnyordie.com video with Armisen/Obama, Ferrell/Bush 43, Hammond/Clinton, Carvey/Bush 41, Aykroyd/Carter, Chase/Ford, and introducing Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan. (Here's the link in case you haven't.) I'd give it a 7 out of 10 for yuks, losing points for its earnest put plodding message for...banking reform?

But a couple of other things. First of all -- Dan Aykroyd? Is that really you in there? Second of all, the video is dragged down a tad by Carrey's annoyingly over-the-top Reagan -- necessitated by the fact that "Saturday Night Live"'s original Reagan, Phil Hartman, was murdered by his wife in 1998. He was always one of my favorite SNL performers, and he is still missed today. Here's Hartman as the Gipper in one of the funniest political satires ever: