Memorial Day 2014

The very prescient Daily News editorial page with more today on how America treats our fighting men and women:

YESTERDAY'S Memorial Day honored those who have died in service.The latest scandal to plague the Veterans Health Administration suggests that we may need to add another holiday - to honor those military personnel who died while waiting for health care.

The two holidays in the year that are supposed to remember those who risked or lost their lives defending our country have sadly become occasions to remember our failures in providing them adequate health care.

The latest incident, which has come to light in the past few weeks, includes charges that 40 veterans died in Arizona while waiting for medical service, and that veterans' hospitals in a number of locations have created secret wait lists and doctored records to mask long wait times.

The Daily News also has a fascinating look at one of the dwindling numbers of D-Day survivors -- 92-year-old Harry Snyder, of Lansdale -- and his role in a documentary around the 70th anniversary of that iconic day. It would be nice to think that the day will come, a century from now, when we still memorialize the sacrifices of Snyder's heroic colleagues on Obama Beach, and those who came later in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq...and no more. America should never forget the troops who died, and we won't. But Memorial Day is also a time to pray for future wisdom, and for a nation that fights when it has to, but that makes peace the No. 1 priority,