Meet the worst owner in sports (and he's not from Philly!)

Now that Donald Sterling of the NBA's Clippers is out of the picture (you'd think, although he keeps popping up like a B-horror-flick), the title of the Worst Owner in American Professional Sports should be up for grabs, right? But it's not. The new wearer of the crown has got this, hands down -- no one else comes close.

And he's not from Philadelphia. You'd think we'd be a contender, what with our pathetic one world title in the last 31 years. But while the Phillies' motley crew of owners is a muddled mess, the fumes of goodwill from the 2008 World Series win should last another year or two. The Eagles' Jeff Lurie is an eye roll -- no more, no less. Ed Snider of the Flyers gets a longer eye roll for his love affair of the mind with libertarian goddess Ayn Rand, but he's done some remarkably good work in the community, so.... The hedge fund dude who runs the 76ers is either the smartest of the Fab Four-ish or the dumbest; we'll know when his tanking strategy finally plays out, in about 13 or 14 years from now.


But I digress. None of them compares to Dan Snyder of the Washington NFL franchise, who is nothing less than a monster. I'll note three things:

1. His doubling-down on a team name that's so offensive I won't print it in this blog.

2. I mean, c'mon... it's the Washington You-Know-Whos, team of George Allen and Richard Nixon and Drunk John Riggins (wait, that was actually kind of cool...scratch that). It is literally the only thing that Eagles fans and Cowboy partisans can agree on -- we loathe these people.

3. Now, this unbelievable manuever -- he's making plans to already ditch the 90,000-seat, luxury-box lined palace that was built for his team...waaaaay back in 1997:

“We love FedEx Field, it’s a great place to feature our home games, but it’s 17 years old now,” he said. “So I think it’s time for us to start looking, and we’re doing it.”

Snyder also said he would “love to” host a Super Bowl, and that the annual title game “ought to be here.” But while he called hosting that game “a no-brainer” for the region, he said the game would likely have to wait until a new stadium could be built.

You've got to be freaking kidding me. Every time I watch the Birds play the Washingtonians, I think to myself, "Oh yeah, their new stadium" -- the multi-millionaire-dollar colossus that Snyder (who didn't own the team when it moved to FedEx Field, but so what?) wants to trash after less than three decades, presumably for a sweetheart deal with one of the too-many jurisdictions in the greater Washington metro area. Whatever sucker has been born to take Snyder's woebegone franchise will be the one that tosses around the most taxpayer dollars and the one who doesn't care that the team's name is literally an offensive slur to millions of Americans (the first ones, too, in case you've forgotten).

Dan Snyder makes me sick. I'd rather watch the Phillies lose another 10,000 ballgames (they haven't done that yet, have they?) than have him as the owner of one of my teams.