Meanwhile, in other corrupt Pennsylvania politician news...

Will the feds be able to get Jack Murtha behind bars before Vince Fumo's wrist-slap sentence is over?

Is the noose tightening around John Murtha?

For months now, the Pennsylvania Democratic power-broker's name has been popping up in connection to a wide-ranging FBI investigation of defense contractors and lobbyists to whom he has ties. And yesterday brought more bad news...

Mark O'Hair, a former Air Force employee pleaded guilty (sub. req.) Monday in connection to getting a kickback from a defense contract that Murtha, who chairs the House Defense Appropriations subcommittee, had provided.

If I were Murtha, I would plead guilty quickly, so he can get Ed Rendell to write a letter seeking leniency from the judge while Rendell is still the sitting governor. Speaking of Rendell, can you believe the nerve of that guy in trying to push Joe Sestak out of a 2010 Senate primary against Arlen Specter? I think Rendell and the Democrats' machine tactics may have met their match with this incredibly stubborn admiral -- these kind of guys aren't big on taking orders.

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