Marketing news for the Riley Cooper set

Political correctness hasn't been good for business at TRFKAC -- The Restaurant Formerly Known as Chink's

When Groh, 50, announced his plan to rename the restaurant - he has worked there for 35 years and bought it from Sherman's widow in 1999 - there were two explosions. The first was in the media. The little steakshop never before received so much attention. The second was backlash from some longtime customers who hated the name-change, calling it a surrender to political-correctness. They have a point.

An online petition to keep the old name drew 10,000 signatures. That's a lot of names. Groh was condemned on social media.

In separate incidents in recent months, Groh's rechristened place had "Chink's" painted on the pavement and on his front window by dead-enders with too much time on their hands..:

Really, Stu -- they have a point? Could you spell it out, because I'm missing it. Look, it's true that none of this would have happened of Groh had kept the name -- uptight liberals like me would have rolled our eyes and moved on. Now, however; the anger that's being directed his way is maddening -- but it's nothing new. It's the same rage that you'll hear for hour after hour if  you tune into 1210 or 106.9  or that you're going to read in the comments below -- righteous, and directed at all the wrong targets. Like it or not -- and I don't -- that's the story of America over the last 50 years.