Lies my Corbett told me

Everybody knows the three biggest lies (I believe one of them involves fracking) but who knew that Gov. Tom Corbett had his own version in his budget talk Tuesday, apparently the only time he's ventured forth from his otherwise undisclosed location.

Here's one of the three, courtesy of the ever-insightful Ben Waxman:

Corbett's budget includes a $186 million increase for the state Department of Corrections. That's an 11 percent jump, part of a long trend of skyrocketing state prison costs. Corbett attributes this trend to the personal failings of the people filling the prisons.

But that's not true, either.

Pennsylvania's prison population has grown by 500 percent since 1980 despite few changes in crime patterns. According to the state Commission on Sentencing, a bipartisan panel created by the legislature, the huge jump is due mostly to mandatory sentences for petty drug crimes.

Throwing the book at minor offenders is a policy choice made by state lawmakers.

If Corbett were serious about cutting all costs, including prisons, he'd identify the problem as our drug-sentencing laws. Instead, he's throwing money at a broken system and claiming it's out of his control.

Read the whole thing. Corbett isn't just a governor kowtowing to his billionaire campaign donors and making all the wrong choices, but he's a flat-footed liar on top of it. And his time is just beginning. Oy.

Here's a bonus for all you GOP governor fans out there: Lies my Christie told me.

Here's another bonus, from Attytood...have a great weekend!