Keep death culture out of Horsham

How many times have you asked yourself: How can I keep death culture out of Horsham? Now, at long last, comes your opportunity to do something about it. They're a-marching on Saturday, April 27 -- marching against the new command center for military drones overseas that's going to be located at the Horsham Air Guard Station in the Montco suburb.

So apparently they DON'T fear the Reaper. Or they do. That part is confusing, but the statement from Drone-Free Horsham is a clear as a bell:

Join us in protest of the proposed Horsham reaper command center. Rise up against the unsanctioned killing of thousands of innocent civilians via Reaper Drones. Help raise awareness while this is still fresh - this is so much bigger than a handful of "good american jobs". This program is wrong. This is our town - It's our obligation to stand up and say something about it.

Ever wonder why people don't protest in the suburbs? The organizers say the march is going to go from (and I'm nopt making this up) the Wendy's to the Regal Theater. Not exactly the Edmund Pettus Bridge -- but imaybe this can be the start of something.

(h/t Philebrity)