Justice for #LizzySeeberg: The real Notre Dame scandal

Outsourcing this to the Guardian, since I could not have said it better myself:

Te'o was a sophomore on August 31, 2010, when Lizzy Seeberg, a freshman at St Mary's College, a university across the street from Notre Dame, reported that she was sexually assaulted by a Notre Dame football player. In the stressful aftermath of the assault, which included coercion from the player's friend – "Don't do anything you would regret," the friend texted Seeberg – Seeberg took an overdosed of depression and anxiety medication and died eight days later.

The most comprehensive coverage on sex assault cases at Notre Dame has come from Melinda Henneberger, who covered the school's response to Seeberg's case for the National Catholic Reporter and then provided further commentary for the Washington Post. In the course of her reporting, she was denied access to Notre Dame officials, and found out that Seeberg's family was, too.

According to the Seebergs, Notre Dame police said they weren't sure when they'd have time to follow up on the case. "They said they were pretty busy," Mary Seeberg said, "because it's football season and there's a lot of underage drinking."

And there was another young woman. She was a freshman when she reported being raped by a football player at a party. Henneberger reported that after the woman endured the same coercion that Seeberg faced, she dropped the report. She lived, and the player continued to play the field.

What a tragedy -- here you have a campus with some of the world's top theologans and moral thinkers, now completely warped by its football culture. Kind of reminds of a place called Happy Valley. The only difference here is that Indiana is flat.