J-Roll: I want to pay higher taxes

Rich people willing to pay their fair share of taxes, at a higher rate: It's not just for Warren Buffet anymore. Philadelphia Magazine is reporting that Phillies' shortstop Jiimmy Rollins, who makes $8.5 million a year, doesn't just support the infield-fly rule -- he also supports "the Buffett rule."

In an interview in the October issue of Philadelphia magazine, Rollins says it’s time for rich people like him to start paying more. “Warren Buffet pays less taxes percentage-wise than his secretary, you catch that?” Rollins asks. “How can that be?”

“I’m blessed to pay a lot in taxes, ” Rollins says. “I have friends and relatives that go day-to-day. Every American deserves to feel secure at the end of their life. So if it’s going to lift two families up, go ‘head, tax me more, I can handle it. Best I know, everyone’s going to die. No one’s taking money to the afterlife.”

The funny thing is that you can't take another World Series ring to the afterlife, either, but you know J-Roll would slide spikes-first into his grandmother to get one of those. We call that the Philadelphia Way.

(h/t The Good Phight)