I've got the power!


My neighborhood in Delco is one of those places where the power occasionally shuts off during a heavy mist (that's only a slight exaggeration) so it was amazing that the power has stayed on throughout Sandy, even though one big-(bleep) tree toppled out back across a road with power lines. Also, basement flooding not as bad as some storms that didn't have names or end-of-the-world media coverage.

Which just means I'm lucky -- just because Sandy didn't seem quite as bad in Philly as forecast, it's still a) dangerous to go out around here, with a lot of downed treees and power lines -- which require extra caution -- and there are still 10s of thousands of people who don't have power and may not have it for some time. And the devastation in other places -- New York City and parts of the Jersey Shore -- is as bad or worse than people feared.

Here's the story I wrote for the Daily News:

HURRICANE SANDY - the once-in-a-lifetime hellstorm that the East Coast had feared - slammed into the Jersey Shore like a 90-mph freight train Monday night and headed into the Philadelphia area, capping a day of unprecedented devastation that flooded the coastal barrier islands from ocean to bay and ripped apart a large chunk of Atlantic City's historic Boardwalk.

How's it where you're at?