UPDATED: It's getting Cole outside!


OK, here's the post where Bird11 can give you his thoughts on Game 2 of the General Lee and the Phillies march toward the World Series.

Today, we'll learn which Cole Hamels shows up to pitch -- the one who dominated the 2008 post-season or the one who's generally a mediocre pitcher in day games, which I think is the real reason he spouted off about the 2:37 p.m. start time. Hopefully, he won't repeat the 2007 playoff fiasco of wearing a long-sleeve undershirt on a balmy day -- one of the dumbest wardrobe malfunctions in baseball history.

UPDATE: You can always count on the Phillies to make things interesting in the fall, am I right?

Meanwhile, Cole wasn't the only member of the Hamels family who was laboring today.