It all depends on what your definition of the word 'remarkable' is

Gov. Corbett's re-election campaign is going about as well as you'd expect. He's launched his first series of radio ads and already he's been accused of a "remarkable" stretch of the truth, not by me but someone who's actually fair and objective,

:A new radio ad from Gov. Tom Corbett boasts that he “created 150,000 new private sector jobs,” a feat called “remarkable” in a Web ad on his campaign website. Not really. Pennsylvania ranks 46th out of 50 states in the rate of private sector job growth during the three years Corbett has been in office. In fact, the growth rate is less than half the national average.

Of course, as we've discussed many times before, the article addresses something that baffles me about Corbett's policies and 21st Century GOP policies in general. While the creation of 150,000 private sector jobs during Corbett's time in office isn't as great as he wants voters to believe, the flip side is that 46,000 governmental jobs have been lost.

The public sector jobs that were slashed -- often as a direct result of Corbett's policies -- The people who used to hold them shopped at their local stores or dined at their local restaurants, which are now suffering. Look, I get the theory -- reducing the size of government and taxes is supposed to cause private jobs to skyrocket. Corbett's had a fair intreval of time to bring that theory to life -- but private job growth has been anemic, and now the schoolteacher who was going to prepare your kid for a career in the new millennium is collecting unemployment instead.

Epic fail.