It all depends on what your definition of the word 'edgy' is


So Fatimah Ali has written her last column for the Daily News, and in it she refers to the column that briefly made her an Internet sensation:

But the one column that still comes up first if you Google my name is the one I call "Race War in America," from 2008. An aside on what it might mean if Barack Obama lost the election caused it to go ballistic on the Internet and be fodder for talk radio and blogs from coast to coast.

The diatribe that followed me was a real eye-opener, as well as confirmation of how much of a role race still plays in America.

Later in the same column. she writes:

Several months ago, I began ponder the possibility that I might not be at the Daily News forever. I saw small signals that indicated how far apart I might be from the paper's edgy new perspective.

Call me crazy, but I think that if predicting a race war if Barack Obama lost the 2008 election isn't "edgy," I don't know what is. (Hint: It's probably not this guy). I think Fatimah's column will be missed -- "edgy" or not, it certainly was provocative, and we need more of that. not less.