Inside Ackerman's gulag


The extraordinary rendition of teachers who speak out in the Philadelphia School District:

AUDENRIED HIGH School teacher Hope Moffett was stuck in "solitary confinement" yesterday in the basement of an administrative office otherwise known as the Philadelphia School District's "teacher jail."

But that didn't stop her from contacting her students, who are upset that she's been removed from her classroom for nothing more than speaking her mind about controversial changes planned at the school where she has worked for three years.

"I don't feel defeated," Moffett said. "Being in a rubber room is a disheartening experience. I did feel almost sick yesterday because I was in a basement room with no fresh air."

Moffett's biggest offense, apparently, was encouraging high school students to be activists in the tradition of Martin Luther King. This is what Arlene Ackerman opposes. It all makes your head want to explode in anger and frustration.

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