Iggy Stardust

I knew there had to be some advantage to working the late, late shift at the DN,. and I figured it out around 1 a.m. this morning as I watched Iggy play guitar with an amazing 3-pointer at the buzzer to beat Kobe Bryant and the dreaded Lakers on their home court, in a regular season game that the handful of people who were actually awake to see it will remember for a long time.

So where do the Sixers go from here? Good question. They are a sometimes exciting team that seems locked into low-playoff-seed hell, a long way from either being good enough to beat the Celtics or Cavs in a seven-game series, or bad enough to draft a "Michael Jordan" to go with Andre Iguodala's "Scottie Pippen."

Even though they're in a playoff run, I -- and I think a lot of fans agree -- would like to see more playing time for Lou Williams, who was a catalyst last night, and the athletic rookie Marreese Speights (and less for the frustratingly average Willie Green). If Williams, Speights and the up-and-coming Thaddeus Young could ever duplicate what Boston's "Big Three" of A-minus superstars have accomplished, this thing could actually work.