UPDATED: If it's not Tuesday, this must be Philadelphia

I was watching CNN's "Reliable Sources" with Howie Kurtz, and the main theme was the media going crazy over the holidays over ridiculous stories -- all of which had roots in Philadelphia. There was President Obama hailing Michael Vick's rehabilitation and the Eagles' role, Ed Rendell and the "wussification of America," and Chris Christie's National Lampoon Christmas Vacation in Wallyworld.

Ridiculous? It all seemed like major news to me!

Anyway, here we are and the Eagles are playing on a Sunday afternoon, the snow is all gone, Kevin Kolb is back behind center and Chris Christie is back in Trenton yelling at people. So maybe the last couple of weeks were all just a dream...

UPDATE: We learned one thing today -- the Eagles won't be getting a first-round draft pick for Kevin Kolb.