I refuse to use the same obvious headline that everyone else is using

Evan Bayh, soon-to-be-ex-Democratic senator from Indiana, is on my TV right now announcing that he's decided not to run for another term. There are 100 U.S.senators, and Bayh was not the worst -- we'll always have Joe Lieberman to claim the honor, unfortunately -- but he was pretty close to it. Rather than fight for middle-class citizens in his hard-hit Rust Belt state, Bayh served one constituency, the Beltway Media, who lapped up his whiny drivel about how impossible it was to do anything in Washington because nobody else wanted his do-nothing centrist brand of mush. In a final act of political cowardice, he announced his withdrawal the day before the filing deadline, leaving political chaos in his self-centered and self-serving wake. That said, today's move is arguably Evan Bayh's greatest act of public service -- leaving it.