Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Don't drone me, bro"

With little fanfare, about 50 people came out last weekend to protest the looming arrival of a drone-control center in Horsham.

"Don't drone me, bro"

Best protest poster we've seen in a while:

About 50 people marched down Route 611 in Horsham on Saturday afternoon, stopping in front of the Air Guard base to protest the drone command center planned to open in October.

They wore signs with slogans like “Remote control cowards” and “Don’t drone me, bro.” One woman, holding a red bat-shaped kite over her head, chanted: “It’s not Hor-shame. It’s Horsham. This is shameful.”



The peaceful protest was organized by Philadelphia resident Sean Miller, an Upper Moreland High School graduate, who said he’s always been outspoken, but only was motivated to formal action when he learned that drones would be piloted in the area where he grew up.

“They’re killing innocent people and inciting hatred of our country,” Miller said, as he and his fellow protesters prepared to cross busy Route 611, with local police there to direct traffic.

Sean Miller is right, of course. What could possibly speak more clearly to banality of modern violence than young men sitting at video game consuls on the other side of Route 611 from the Wendy's and the Burger King, pressing the button on a joystick and killing some dude 8,000 miles away in Yemen? The occasional hit on a high-level member of the already depleted al-Qaeda is swamped in importance by the capacity of drone warfare to create new enemies of America...making places like Horsham, Pa., less safe at some future date.

Meanwhile, the media is paying scant attention to the ongoing detainee hunger strike at Guantanamo that is exposing and widening the moral stain on Barack Obama's presidency. One of the rationales behind the ascension of Obama was that he would improve America's faltering image in the world. But what will the world think when one, or five, or 10 of the hunger strikers die -- creating new martyrs to inspire young malcontents in the countries we're bombing from Horsham.

Repeat cycle..

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