'I can see Corbett's baloney from my house!'

If Upper Darby's Tina Fey had come of age during the Tom Corbett era, there'd be no high school theater -- so I guess if she were lucky she could have worked three jobs to pay for a Penn State degree as a fracking engineer. Instead, she's a famous writer and actress who's calling out Corbett's baloney policies.

" ‘Educational Realignment’ should be the new euphemism for crapping in your own bed," Fey writes in an email to friends and family.

"Other than to showcase some amazing Philly accents, I’m sending this to you in the off chance you know someone who can bring attention to this story. It’s emblematic of garbage that’s going on in a lot of states," Fey wrote. She directed her recipients to saveudarts.org, which includes a link to the change.org petition that thousands have signed in opposition to the arts cuts.

"Y’all know I don’t usually forward stuff like this, so thanks," she added.

Hey, consider it passed on. Really!