Hey Joe, where you goin' with that school district in your hand

Despite what you read in the comments section here, the vast majority of my workday at the Daily News is spent on other chores besides finding groovy 1967 music videos and other trivia to post here at Attytood. For example, I wrote this article, which I hope you'll read:

IT MIGHT HAVE once seemed unthinkable: Handing the keys to a large, troubled public-school district over to a high-profile advocate for increasing privatization, including vouchers and for-profit private schools.

But activists said that last Friday's surprise announcement that Gov. Corbett had named the Rev. Joe Watkins - an MSNBC pundit who headed the Students First PAC, the pro-voucher group that's dumped millions of campaign dollars on Corbett and other pols - as chief recovery officer to run the Chester Upland schools in Delaware County marks a tipping point.

They said the choice proves that the Corbett administration is accelerating its push to privatize education in Pennsylvania and benefit charter schools like the Chester Community Charter School - managed by the governor's largest single donor, Vahan Gureghian - at the expense of traditional public schools that are losing dollars, teachers and students.

Watkins acknowledged he'd also done some recent work as a consultant for Gureghian's school, which educates more than half of Chester Upland's elementary- and kindergarten-age kids and has a huge stake in key decisions Watkins will make.

Once you're done with that, I hope you'll also have time to watch this groovy music video from 1967: