Here's something Radnor High students could have learned from Pat Meehan


If the Radnor school district had invited the GOP congressional candidate Pat Meehan (and don't forget Dick Cheney, whose Halliburton continues to work wonders for America) to Radnor High, students might have been able to learn why a so-called "tough on crime" ex-prosecutor thinks it's a good idea for Pennsylvania's bad guys to legally get concealed weapons permits in the state of Florida:

Lentz has focused on the so-called Florida loophole, which allows people who have been denied concealed-carry permits in Pennsylvania to obtain the permits in Florida. Lentz, a two-term state representative from Swarthmore, sponsored legislation to close the loophole, but the measure failed to gain support in Harrisburg.

Meehan said he believes the current regulations on concealed-weapons permits are sufficient, and he cited the constitutional right to carry firearms.

"I will take my record and match it against Bryan Lentz any day," he said, he said referring to his efforts as U.S. attorney to thwart gun violence and violent crime.

In the last days of the campaign, Americans United for Safe Streets, the gun-control lobby tied to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the George Soros of the anti-gun crowd, is seeking to make hay with the issue, sending out a mailer to voters in the Delaware County-based congressional district. They're joined by CeasefirePA, the state's leading gun-comtrol group, which is likewise seeking to use the same issue against GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett (see ad below).

This is what happens when you nationalize elections, as the GOP by way of the Tea Party has largely done in 2010. It's hard to understand how even the most die-hard gun-rights activists can defend the Florida gun loophole as a good thing for Pennsylvania citizens, but for a Meehan or Corbett the risk of offending the NRA and other gun groups -- not unlike the risk of running afoul of Glenn Beck, which did in a South Carolina Republican U.S. House member -- is just too great. On the other hand, Corbett is way ahead in his race regardless but the Lentz-Meehan race is close and the Republican may have to dodge one last bullet from the Sunshine State.