He shoulda taken the tunnel

Bob Herbert had maybe the best line of the year today:

Kennedy declared that we would go to the moon. Chris Christie tells us that we are incapable of building a railroad tunnel beneath the Hudson River.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned not-so-jolly and not-so-old man with "broad face and a little round belly" came to Philadelphia to spread some holiday doom-and-gloom this morning -- and apparently was an hour late. He blamed the traffic -- if only there was someone who could do something about our lousy infrastructure. He also scored more political points with his jihad against the teachers' union, The funny thing is that you know who's first to cry "Union!" when there's a problem in the workplace? Apparently, it's conservatives.

Meanwhile, here's my story for the Daily News about the coming Christiefication of Philadelphia.

Merry Christiemas? Bah, humbug.