'Gun goons': The best TWO new (anti-gun) things in the world today

Thing One: This kick-ass editorial from the good people at the Philadelphia Daily News:

That jaw-dropping fact points to the pervasiveness of the gun lobby, and we are frankly so disgusted with that organization that we are no longer going to use its name, since it gets far too much mention as it is. We will heretofore refer to them as "the gun goons."

The gun goons, who have been increasingly unhinged lately, seem to have no limit to the outrages they commit in the name of their self-centered interpretation of the Second Amendment - including outright lies. Chief gun goon Wayne LaPierre just sent a fundraising message to his members claiming that the White House was proposing legislation that would "ban your guns, register your ammunition purchases and even force you to register the firearms you already own." Even more disturbing, he referred to a White House meeting that "was sold to the public as an open discussion about how to improve school safety, but that was a dirty lie."

How would this country react if a world leader called the president, vice president and members of Congress "dirty liars"?

In some ways, we'd like to enourage LaPierre to keep going off the deep end - we're betting many of his members, and hopefully members of Congress, are getting tired of his crazy rants. It would be delicious irony if the actions of this goon eased the way for this package of necessary and important changes in our gun culture.

Thing Two: This ad, which makes it clear that there'll be Hell to pay for any politicians who side with this extremist, fringe group, the NRA: