Great moments in Attytood commenting

Many of us here are familiar with the commenter Xi Jah (say it out loud...get it?) and his penchant for posting the words that the Polish labor leader and anti-Communist Lech Walesa uttered in praise of Ronald Reagan. It's a valid point -- many people, famous and ordinary, were quite fond of the Gipper, which is one of the reasons he's still talked so much long after he left the White House. Most of them weren't labor leaders, at least not in this country...but I digress.

Anyway, it was funny to see the first "review" of my book posted on this afternoon. Of course, the book isn't in stores yet and was just listed today as "in stock" at Amazon, so you have to wonder how this reviewer, from Philadelphia, received a copy. Turns out is his review is just the same Walesa quote that our "Xi Jah" likes. Coincidence? So far 0 out of 6 people find it helpful -- which has me thinking about a similar rating system for Attytood.

But that's not the really funny part. Some of my Attytood friends followed me over to the Los Angeles Times, which published my op-ed on Obama and Reagan today. And wouldn't you know it, there's a comment from someone named "Xi Jah," with the same Walesa quote. The only difference is that he adds at the start: "Never heard of Will Bunsh (sic)  but he's obviously a real tool." Hah.

Does this mean you can't believe everything you read in blog comment sections? No!