Frack buddies

So remember back in the early days of 2013 -- before I was laid off for two days and came back -- when I told you that I was working in a story. Well, this is it -- a look at how state regulators cut a break for the millionaire businessman who paid for his pal Gov. Corbett to go yachting with him in Rhode Island, and let him run a busy, smelly transfer station for fracking waste without environmental permits or documentation he'd been asked for.

It goes something like this:

IT WAS JAN. 18, 2011 - just a day before Gov. Corbett took the oath of office - when, without warning, trucks started rolling one after another into a once-abandoned industrial site in the Susquehanna River town of Sunbury, Pa.

At the end of that day, stunned and angry neighbors counted 27 large dump trucks on their small residential street, filled with the debris from gas-drilling rigs in the Marcellus Shale. Some of the trucks were leaking liquids, said the neighbors, including Cora Campbell, who recalled that "it smelled like a combination of diesel fuel and dirt."

For months, Campbell and others in the history-rich town of 10,000, an hour north of Harrisburg, and environmental activists pressed the new owner of the site, the logistics firm Moran Industries, and regulators from the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), to find out what was happening at the property and how it could handle so much fracking waste without environmental permits.

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