Fox News Channel: Thugs posing as journalists

Fox News as journalistic thugs? Attytood's Will Bunch thinks so. (Daily News photo illustration)

My policy on Fox News Channel has always been to defend their right to exist -- I think there's nothing inherently wrong with America having conservative or, um, liberal news outlets -- and to use my free speech to attack them when they get things wrong, which seems to be a lot. I had no idea until reading this NYT column by David Carr that they're also lowlife thugs who use an M.O. straight out of "the Sopranos":

Earlier this year, a colleague of mine said, he was writing a story about CNN’s gains in the ratings and was told on deadline by a Fox News public relations executive that if he persisted, “they” would go after him. Within a day, “they” did, smearing him around the blogs, he said. (I did not ask him for a comment because the information was of a private nature.)

Some of the avenues of attack are easier to anticipate than others. Right now, there are advance copies circulating of a reported memoir I wrote about my times as a drug addict and drunk. I’ve already been called a “crack addict” on Bill O’Reilly’s show, which at least has the virtue of being true, if a little vintage.

Read the whole thing -- there's other outrages -- and then spend the day talking between yourselves again.

It's an open thread. I'm off writing a book, and!