Forget arugala -- real liberals are drunk on craft beer

No wonder the Democrats are high on craft beer:

Don't laugh, because it appears President Obama's re-election campaign has already taken note of an astounding phenomenon in 2008 election results - with the hope of a suds-soaked repeat in 2012.

It's a stunning and previously unnoticed voting trend that almost certainly explains the presence last week of a craft brewer among the Democratic National Convention speakers, as well as the recent release of the Obama White House home-brew recipes.

Take a look at the adjoining chart. (Click to enlarge.) It ranks the states by brewery density - the number of breweries per 1,000 square miles.

Remarkably, every one of the 25 most densely brewed states voted for Obama in 2008. Those blue states account for 335 electoral votes - much more than the 270 needed for victory.

Time to update your stereotypes!