For God's sake, could somebody please fire this woman!!!

Seriously -- Arlene Ackerman must go. Who can we talk to?

Ackerman had booked a bus and brought along a number of South Philadelphia High "student ambassadors" - predominantly African American students not involved in the Dec. 3 fights - to talk about their efforts to promote harmony at the school.

Absent were any Asian students who had been victims of the attacks or who had boycotted the school last month.

"We don't know" why Ackerman enlisted no Asian students who were involved in the strife or its aftermath, Glassman said.

I honestly can't think of a time -- and remember, this is after eight years of Dick Cheney in the White House -- when I was so disgusted and outraged by the actions of a public official as I feel toward the Philadelphia schools superintendent right now. Arlene Ackerman has increasingly made it clear -- with her increasingly bizarre and inappropriate actions -- that she is representing only some of the kids in Philadelphia, and not all of them, as is required in her position. And the kids she is not representing are the children of people who came to America seeking personal and economic freedom, only to see their loved one kids chased down hallways and beaten up. These are our children, and she did not keep them safe. Ackerman must go.

One amazing footnote to all of this is that diplomats from Vietnam are now intervening on behalf of these children, thanks to the incompetance of the people allegedly running Philadelphia.