Fighting the powers that be


A couple of weeks ago I asked the question of what the Tea Party activists would do in response to the Supreme Court decision giving big corporations (and unions) more power to pump cash into the political system. It wasn't a rhetorical question -- I was truly curious as to which way they'd go. I was somewhat surprised by the response, and you may be, too:

Just hours after the court ruled last month, RNC chair Michael Steele praised the decision, calling it "an important step in the direction of restoring the First Amendment rights" of corporations.

But some Tea Partiers don't agree. Shane Brooks, a Texas-based Tea Party activist, told TPMmuckraker in an email:

"This decision basically gives the multinational corporations owned by foreign entities [the right] to pour unlimited funds into the pockets of corrupt corporate backed politicians to attack everything this country stands for. We might as well be able to vote for Disney or the SEIU as President of the United States of America."

Brooks isn't alone -- read the whole thing, and then talk amongst yourselves. I'm tied up on a story for the dead-tree people.