Everything you need to know about the Baucus health reform plan...

....is contained in this story:

Shares of U.S. health insurers rose broadly on Tuesday on hopes a health reform bill would not include a government-run option, which has drawn strong opposition from insurers who fear it would destroy the private marketplace.


The S&P Managed Health Care index of large U.S. health insurers closed 6.5 percent higher.

Aetna rose 12.6 percent, Coventry was up 12.7 percent and Cigna was 7.7 percent higher, all on the New York Stock Exchange. Centene rose 7.9 percent.

Doesn't sound like the reforms are much of a change in the ways that Big Insurance does business. Could you imagine proposing curbs on abuses in Wall Street and seeing financial stocks skyrocket...wait, that's been happening, too. I wonder who's really writing these bills.