UPDATED: Every day should be April 15!

If you're a Philadelphia sports fan, anyway.

Especially for the Phillies, after a game where the team was comatose for eight innings, sending some fans home early on a chilly April school night. Too bad for them, for they missed an amazing 9th inning that included a most unlikely blast from obscure newcomer Chris Snelling, a game-tying dinger from Philly's now favorite jock, Pat Burrell, and a game winning play at the plate that...well let's just say it's not always such a bad thing that there's no instant replay in baseball.

UPDATE: Just learned from Beerleaguer that this is only the second time that the Phillies have come from three runs behind in the 9th inning since 1898! Wow!!!!

Meanwhile, the Flyers were running, er, skating wild across the street. Apparently it's all the fault of Kate Smith (below), who can even get you saying "God Bless America" on April 15.