Ed Snider-funded right-wing TV network crashing?


Last year, I told you about the deep involvement of Flyers' owner and Ayn Rand accolyte Ed Snider in funding a TV network and website called the RightNetwork. The basic scheme was to launch a new cable channel that would appeal to conservatives but in ways that would be more entertainment oriented (conservative comedy...I hear this guy is available, game shows, people shooting guns, etc.) and less news oriented than Fox News Channel, as epitomized by its glib frontman, Kelsey "Fraser Crane" Grammer.

Nobody could have predicted that such a great idea would have such a hard time getting off the ground:

RightNetwork, the conservative media outlet that launched less than a year ago with great fanfare -- and investors that included actor Kelsey Grammer -- appears to have stalled for more than a month.

RightNetwork.com, which features video and other content, has not been updated since late June, and the network's Twitter feed and Facebook pages have been stagnant since May 31.

RightNetwork President Kevin McFeeley claims it is "business as usual," an answer he gave several times when asked specifically about a lack of new programming and web items, as well as about the status of the network's future funding.

Meanwhile, Snider seems more eager to distance himself from this right-winger than he was from Jeff Carter and Mike Richards:

Asked for comment, his office referred questions to McFeeley, stating in an e-mail that Snider "is merely an investor and would prefer to have Kevin speak about the network."

Snider also was a funder of the recent movie based on Rand's best-known novel, "Atlas Shrugged." Instead, America shrugged, and the film tanked at the box office. Now this. Maybe 18 percent of the U.S. population isn't enough to drive a hit movie or a successful TV network. Yet it seems to be enough to drive the nation's politics into a ditch.

Is this a great country or what?