Drones and guns. Guns and drones.


(Also, please read this amazing essay about Obama and drones.)


A gunman opened fire in a Wilmington, Del. courthouse, this morning, leaving five people shot and three of those dead.

The gunman was among the dead. Two women were also killed, one of whom was reported to be the gunman's wife.

Two law enforcement officers were among those shot in the barrage.

Officials said there was an exchange of gunfire and investigators were still piecing together what happened. It wasn't immediately known how many bullets were fired.

Investigators are determining whether the gunman was shot by police or took his own life, said Sgt. Paul Shavack, a Delaware State Police spokesman.

Police would not identify the gunman but said he was a white man between 50 and 60 years old. 

As Neil Young once asked, "How many more?"

Blogger's note: Apparently my job has now been expanded beyond the fracking/presidential election/Corbett outrage/drones beat....andI now cover the Vatican as well. So I'll be tied up today applying my fair and balanced technique to the Roman Catholic Church. Blogging will be lighter than usual, which is pretty light.