UPDATED: Donald Trump: 'Nobody could have predicted...'

Whoa -- you mean Donald Trump was just playing us to get more higher TV ratings and more attention for the, um, Trump brand?! I mean seriouisly, who could have seen this coming? Ultimately, though, Trump's 2012 campaign that didn't make it past the first half of 2011 said less about Trump and more about us.

As Howie Kurtz wrote on the Daily Beast:

Any honest assessment of the Trump Moment has to acknowledge that he touched a nerve. To be sure, part of it was the successful businessman and Washington outsider railing against a dysfunctional system that many Americans already resent. When Trump complained that the United States needs to stand up to China and the OPEC sheikhs, he tapped into a deep vein of discontent with our conduct of world affairs.

But then we killed bin Laden, and so it's all good.

UPDATE: The phrase "You're fired!" needs to be....retired or something.