UPDATED: Domonation....and WOW!!!!

When you've been in the newspaper business for nearly three decades, things that once would have been a huge thrill, like writing a front-page article, aren't quite as exciting as they used to be. However, I do still get jacked up every few years when they take my suggestion for a front-page headline....as they did with "Domonation."

Of course, you could quibble whether a rookie getting two hits in his first game is exactly, um, domonation, but we're a tabloid. We're supposed to be over the top!

It wasn't my idea to have Domonic Brown gawking at a Sexy Single, though.


The Phillies have completed a three-player trade with the Houston Astros for righthander Roy Oswalt.

Lefthanded pitcher J.A. Happ, outfielder Anthony Gose and infielder Jonathan Villar are going to Houston.

I never thought I'd say this, but God bless Ed Wade. As long as Oswalt stays healthy -- always an "if" for the 2010 Phillies, it seems -- this team is rigged to "domonate" the NL and hopefully all of baseball for the next couple of years.